The Pediatric Rheumatology Collaborative Study Group (PRCSG) was founded in 1973 and has over 180 members at over 80 academic clinical pediatric rheumatology centers in the United States and Canada. The chief aim of the PRCSG is to conduct high quality clinical trials, of therapeutic agents, in children with rheumatic diseases. Activities are overseen by an Advisory Council.

Many studies are ongoing, large new studies are in the final planning stages, and more are in earlier planning stages. Participation in a PRCSG study is a way that children with rheumatic diseases can get access to the newest treatments and helps benefit the healthcare community through the knowledge gained from these studies.

To learn more about the PRCSG see our About page. If you are a pediatric rheumatologist, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant and would like to apply for membership then please visit the Membership Application section. If you are a patient or the family of a patient with a rheumatic disease, see our For Patients/Families section.

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